Beginner 5K: FINISH Testimonials

We are beyond excited to kick off our latest installment of our Beginner 5K: FINSIH Training Program, formerly known as No Boundaries.  This is a truly amazing program, but don't take our word for it.  Below are testimonials from real participants of our Beginner 5k: FINISH Training Program-- check out the testimonials below!


"Fleet Feet Sports says it is a running program named No Boundaries… meaning no limits. I know they were thinking in terms of running.  I believe it is that and more.  I have always been active; even running off and on over the past 25 years.  I was familiar with Fleet Feet Sports having become a customer in 2000 when training for the Avon 60 mile 3-day walk for breast cancer.  I would get their newsletters announcing running programs and thought maybe one day I’ll do that.  Finally, in the fall of 2011, I thought “well, if not now, when? “ So I signed up for No Boundaries.  Everyone has different goals and reasons for beginning a running program.  Mine was to improve my running and to help deal with stress.  There is sense of pride that comes at the end of the training period, regardless of your goal.  Yes, there are different levels of runners, but each person is there trying to improve themselves.  From the coach and mentors, to your fellow group members, encouragement is all around you.  Through this program not only have I improved my running, I have met some amazing individuals.  I have shown up tired and stressed, but before I leave I am laughing, feeling better for having run and being with other runners.  You may think “I am not a runner, I can’t do this.”  Don’t believe the voice in your head; it is lying to you.  You can do this and the program shows you how.  Also, don’t worry if you don’t know anyone else in the group.  You can’t help but get to know people when you spend time running and walking with them.  The training begins slowly and you build up your running time.  Before you know it, you are crossing the finish line of a 5k race.  Sure you sweat and you get tired, but the reward is worth it.  If it was easy, everyone would do it. In August 2011, my world was turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with cancer.  Fortunately, he is doing well.  The No Boundaries program became my therapy and the group members became part of my support group.  What started as a way to improve my running and help handle stress has become a part of me. So when I think of No Boundaries, I think in terms of no boundaries to what this program can do for you… mind, body and soul." 
-Jena Settles

Fleet Feet’s No Boundaries program has been life changing for me. I spent the better part of a year losing weight through diet alone, and was really searching for a way to become more active. My main problem has always been that I would start a fitness regimen, but had a hard time staying accountable. After a few weeks, I would slip back into old habits. One day, I saw a flier for the NB program in a local coffee shop. I had to find out more. After the information session, I was nervous but excited. After our first group run, which was hard for me, I realized this was the perfect setting for me to meet my fitness goals, and continue my weight loss efforts. I loved the group atmosphere two days per week, a training schedule I had to stick to, otherwise I would have a tough time keeping up the next week, and the fabulous mentors, coach, and friends I was making. We were all there for a common purpose—to improve our fitness levels and run a 5K. Knowing I was not doing this alone pushed me through the minutes I felt like quitting. Since completing the first program, I signed up for the program again. I loved the group the first time, and the accountability was something I wanted to continue, and I could only get stronger. I have completed 6 5K’s and have never felt or looked better, stronger, or more focused. I look forward to continuing my progress! 
-Lee Chrisman

 I joined No Boundaries for the January through April 2015 class. My personal goal was to be able to complete a 5K run with little or no walking. I ran my first race and my personal time was better than I had hoped for!  The interval training program totally worked for me. Many thanks to the No Boundaries trainers at Fleet Feet in John's Creek!
-Karen Crowe

I had never run in my life, so I decided to do something new and improve my physical activities. I tried running on my own, then I tried several couch to 5K apps but somehow it was harder to follow them than I expected. There was no accountability; therefore, it was very easy to skip some practices and then not to follow it through. So after 3 or 4 times, I decided to join the Fleet Feet No Boundaries program.Thanks to the great coaches; Lynn Ingram and Kathy Kudravi; I not only, finished the program but I ran and finished my first and second 5K. Now, I enjoy running and miss it when I don't; besides I have met some amazing people and made lots of friends. Give it a try! You will not regret it!
-Paula Westmoreland  

I have never run before, and I signed up for the "No Boundaries" program after my 61st birthday.  I was really concerned that I would not be able to keep up with the program or the other runners....and I'll certainly never be the fastest.  But now, 3 months after I started, I have run 2 5k's and I'm signed up for 3 more.  The coaches both teach and encourage, and help me to feel that I can do anything.  I will be repeating the program so I can continue and improve, and enjoy the company of these like-minded "Runner Girls!"  Yes, I CAN do it -- and so can anybody else!
-Janet Horton 

“Being part of the No Boundaries training has truly increased my love for running. I have learned proper fun, breathing techniques, how to pace myself and above all how to make running fun. My coach Lynn was very supportive and encouraging and always available to answer questions (even outside of our scheduled run meetings). I especially liked the fact that the program accommodates all levels of runners regardless also. After completing the training, I finished my 5K with my best record ever. Thank you Lynn for your help, advice and for helping me become a better runner."
-Nike Aremu

When I joined my first Fleet Feet No Boundaries program in the Spring of 2011, I could barely make it the full minute of our first interval.  My chest hurt and the arthritis in my knee was begging me to stop. But I didn't. As the weeks went on, my water bottle, knee brace and I couldn't wait to get to the Greenway for our group runs. I learned how to run, how to properly stretch, how to keep myself hydrated, the importance of good shoes and so much more. That was the beginning of my love affair with running, I just didn't know it yet.  I signed up again for the Fall session. As I continued to learn, I felt myself getting stronger, more fit and happier. Our coach, Lynn and our mentors were always so encouraging. Strangers became friends. The muscles around my knees tightened so much that I no longer needed my brace.  Along the way, I lost 30 lbs and 3 pant sizes. My life was changed forever. I loved it. There's so much exhilaration when you cross that finish line, especially with people who started at the same level as you, who understand the same joy and accomplishment you feel. And this time, with those new friends, I continued to run 5Ks after the program ended.  I simply could not wait to join the Spring 2012 No Boundaries program, to continue my journey with people who are always there for you... and you are there for them. 
-Connie Scruggs

Hi, my name is Gina Hagan and that awful photo above was taken on a ski trip in February 2011.  When my husband Lee and I booked another ski trip for February 2012, I knew I was going to have to do “something” to get in better shape to ski.  I started walking and needed new shoes -  a referral to Fleet Feet led not only to shoes but also to a running group called No Boundaries 5k Training.  I went to the info night and all the insecurity, doubt and fear I was feeling must have shown on my face because the woman sitting next to me turned to me and said “you can do this!”  I did not know her but somehow I connected with what she said and signed up for the group.  A week later I was on the Greenway, wheezing horribly, trying to breathe and run for only 1 minute.  Week 2, my knee started hurting worse than my breathing. Week 3, I was actually running, not walking.  By week 8, I was beginning to believe that I would actually finish a 5k.  And on December 10, 2011, I did, along with all my other group running mates, our mentors and our amazing coach.  I could have run on their encouragement alone!  And the woman who told me on that first night that I could do it was the first to give me a huge hug when I finished – well - maybe after my husband found me first!  Lee started training with me from the very beginning.  He and I ran our own personal 5k on New Years Day and have completed 2 organized runs since.  I didn’t even have to think about signing up for the spring training group – I was anxious to get back out on the Greenway with my running family.  Everyone in our group has a story – there are many reasons why we run but we are all connected by a common goal.   And about that February 2012 ski trip?  I was either on skis or snowshoes, dog sledding or something else every day of the trip.  No wheezing, no stopping to climb mountain trails in snowshoes – not even at 7,200 feet elevation.  Confidence, determination and joy have replaced those old feelings of doubt.  I have a long way to go, but 2 sizes smaller feels great – and the feeling of accomplishment is even better.  Running really does change everything! 

-Gina Hogan 

**Gina also drove 114 miles twice a week to run with the group ~ that's dedication**


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Program Start: October 2nd
Program Fee: $60
Description: The Fleet Feet Beginner 5K: FINISH Training Program is a 10 week beginner walking and running curriculum designed to guide you safely and effectively into becoming more fit. This organized training class offers coaching, organized weekly workouts, a specific training schedule aimed at a goal event, pace groups for runners and walkers, weekly communication and motivation, special clinics, a special product package, and more! This program will culminate with the Jingle Jog 5K on December 15th!
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