No Boundaries 5K Training



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 Summer 2014  May 21  TBA  
 Fall 2014  Sept. 22  TBA  Opening Soon!

This program is ideal for a first time 5K runner or its been a while and you need a refresher.  We will be using run/walk intervals that increase as the program progresses.  For example: week 1 might be run 1 minute & walk 3 minutes and week 10 might be run 3 minutes & walk 1 minute



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Cost: $100

The Fleet Feet Sports NO BOUNDARIES 5K Training Class is a 10- 12 week beginning WALKING and RUNNING curriculum designed to guide you safely and effectively into becoming more fit. This organized training class offers coaching, organized weekly workouts, a specific training schedule aimed at a goal event, pace groups for runners and walkers, weekly communication and motivation, special clinics, a special product package, and more! Visit the store to learn more and to register.

Requirements: If you are just beginning an exercise program, you are encouraged to see your doctor. This doctor visit will also provide you a baseline to track your progress. You must be able to walk for at least 20 minutes at a brisk pace before beginning this training class.

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