Why No Boundaries?

Why No Boundaries?

We’ve all been there. We find ourselves listening to the latest story from a friend who just ran a race and is buzzing on the “runners high” from all the training and race day adrenaline. In that very moment is when we decide, I want to do this. I want to run a race. Before our brains can even process what we’ve decided, active.com is up and you’re registered for your first 5k. Now the fun part; training!

I’ve never run a 5k. How do I train? Now you’ve reached the fork in your training road. Do I Google a program like Couch to 5k? The Galloway program is great but do I have the discipline to follow through on those long days after work when I really don’t want to? Many times my friends have a better plan for my day besides getting my training run in. What about signing up with the Fleet Feet Sports 5K training program, No Boundaries? Let me tell you why you should pick the last option.

No Boundaries is a beginner 5k training program that allows you to train for your first or seventh 5k race with the fun of friends, a coach and a great group atmosphere. They use the walk/ run method to allow you to train up without feeling overwhelmed or in over your head. Throughout the program you will gradually build up your run time and complete your first 5k race.

With coaches and new running friends to keep you motivated along the way, you are sure to complete your goal and have a great time doing it. Not only will you make new friends who keep you motivated toward your goal, but we will kick off your training on the right foot with a meet and greet gathering at the store to make sure you are prepared in every way to achieve your goal. You definitely won’t want to miss the end of the training party either! The amazing folks at New Balance sponsor this program. So you will get lots of fun goodies along the way to your goal race!

So if you’re wondering why No Boundaries, the real question is why not? Sign up today for our summer training program starting May 21st and embrace your future as a runner! Remember, it doesn’t matter how slow you go, you’re still lapping the people on the couch! See you on the road.

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