Trail Review - Tribble Mill Park

2125 Tribble Mill Parkway
Lawrenceville, GA 30045 
Sunrise to sunset (unless posted otherwise)


WEB SITE: > Departments > Community Service > Parks and Recreation > Explore Your Parks (trail maps are available)

This 700 acre passive park contains about ten (10) miles of trails consisting of a 3 mi. asphalt paved multi-purpose trail around Ozora Lake, a 1.8 mi. narrow soft surface trail around Chandler Lake as well as 5+ miles of soft surface trails between the two lakes

Multi-purpose trail is gently rolling & rated 1, soft surface Chandler Lake trail is flat , very narrow in spots & rated 2 while the 5miles between the two lakes is hilly, with lots of roots and switchbacks – rating 3 (RATING: 1 being easy & 5 extreme & technical). As with most trails, it is best to run with a partner and without headphones – be aware of your surroundings. On occasion you will encounter mountain bikers and horses on the trails between the two lakes.

Restrooms (@ both Oak & Holly pavilions), playground, large car parking areas, large Ozora Meadows open area, two fishing lakes (Ozora Lake – 108 acres & Chandler Lake – 40 acres) & three picnic pavilions

Dogs are permitted in the park but there is no dedicated dog area within the park as there is in other Gwinnett County parks.

Remember to run SAFE & SMART – take along a friend & get out & see some of the great trails Georgia has to offer.








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