10 Reasons Why Running In Cold Weather Is Great

As we start sliding to the middle part of the week, it looks like we will clash with the Polar Vortex once again! In Georgia we tend to hate the cold, especially when it's time to get our run on. Let's put that negative mindset on hold and look at 10 reasons why running in cold weather is great!



It is an excuse to drink more hot fluids like coffee before you run


 You get to wear much cooler gear than when its hot


 You are more likely to actually stretch for once


 You don't have to take four gallons of water or Nuun with you


 You get to hide all of those lbs. put on during the holidays


 You and the one other person you see running get to high five while others are stuck staring at each other in the gym


 Did we mention lots of coffee?


 You get to show off your caboose in tights


 Something about seeing your own breath just makes you feel hardcore


 If it's cold enough, you can walk (or run) on water!

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