Three Of Your Questions Answered


So with it being a random Tuesday in the dog days of summer, I thought I'd pick out a few common questions that we hear from customers and answer them! If you have any random running related questions, feel free to pose them below and we'll answer those as well! 

Q: How long should my shoes last?
A: I don't mean to be cliche in this response but that all depends. It depends if you are running or walking, what surface you are on, what shoes you have and many other factors that aren't as measurable. A rough estimate is 350-500 miles or 6-9 months but that's not always the case. Some of the best indications that it's time to change your shoes out are that you notice your midsole is much softer than it should be and you consistently finding yourself feeling more stiffness or pain in your feet, shins, knees and/or hips. Once that happens in a 6-9 month timeframe, it's probably that time.

Q: Why do I need insoles when my shoe already has enough support?
 The answer lies in the different functions of the shoe vs. the insole. The shoe's function is always going to be to absorb shock and give a good platform from foot fall to lift through the gait cycle. When you get down to it though, the shoe is a flat platform while your foot is three dimensions. Taking in consideration that 70-80% of people have over flexible feet, adding more shape into the shoe can work wonders. The benefits are tangible even for the neutral foot. That's where the insole comes in. When we can add the correct shape to keep the foot where it needs to be, common injuries from misaligned feet will, many times, diminish. They can also give better balance, and add a better fit to your shoe! That is why we believe in Superfeet Premium Insoles. We think they do the best job at accomplishing all of these!

Q: What's wrong with my socks?
Some of these facts are just plain amazing! 

What are some more of your questions?

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