Nike Oregon Project

Do you run long distance? Or have thought about getting into running long distance? Then this blog is definitely for you. I want to shed some light on a project that’s actually been in effect since 2001 that was started by Nike. It’s called the Oregon Project. The goal of the Oregon Project is to promote American long distance running. Nike’s Oregon Project is comprised of high caliber athletes such as Galen Rupp, Mary Cain and Jordan Hasay. Nike selected these athletes based on their excellent coaching, revolutionary training and use of air thinning technology.  These runners live and train in Portland, Oregon near Nike’s headquarters. To show just how dedicated to this project some of the runners are, they live in specially designed houses where filters are used to remove oxygen from the air to simulate that the athlete is living at high elevation. How cool is that?! Unfortunately this project ran into some turbulence from the United States Anti-doping Agency back in 2002. World renowned runner, Alberto Salazar crushed that saying that it's no different from other legal scientific advances like heart rate monitors and sports drinks.

In an effort to show our support of the Oregon Project, we have brought in the men’s and women’s line of shoes. Whether you run long distance or a couple miles a week, let’s show support for the athletes working hard to improve our American long distance running! Are you ready for the challenge?

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