8 Things To Consider For The Atlanta 2-Day Walk

The Atlanta 2-Day Walk For Breast Cancer by It's The Journey Inc. will put on its 13th Event in October later this year. For an amazing cause, women from Atlanta and beyond will walk up to 30 miles in two days for the cause. While we are still over six months away from the event, the first training walk will begin in just days. So if you are preparing and getting set for this journey, here are 8 things that we think are very important to make your training and event days successful!

Did you know on a 5-mile workout, you can lose up to 8 oz. of sweat just from your feet? 
 Moisture buildup can cause friction which can lead to blisters. Have a good performance
sock on your feet and another handy in case you need to change! 



With so many shoe options, its hard to know what is the right fit for you.
Having the correct support and correct shoe shape can be vital to your
walking experience.   


Did you know that most running shoes have minimal arch support? 
To get the best possible alignment, the proper insole can help cut down on
many stresses of the feet, shins, knees and back. We recommend  
Superfeet Premium Insoles to do the trick. 



Did you know that 80% of women are in the wrong size sports bra? 
Having a proper sports bra fitting can make a huge difference
throughout your training and on event day! 



Having the right type of performance apparel can work to keep 
you warm or cool depending on the temp. It keeps you dry by great
wicking properties unlike cotton. Your best bets are synthetic materials,
merino or mohair wool or even bamboo! 



Proper hydration is critical to your entire body's function. Having a plan
for taking hydration will be very important when being on the road
for multiple hours. Some prefer a handheld bottle while others like
a hydration belt. Check out Nathan for some great options
What goes in the bottle? Making sure you are replacing
electrolytes makes sure you can properly replace everything
you are losing through sweat. Nuun tablets are a great portable option! 


Want a great option to keep you away from skin irritations? Look
no further than bodyglide anti chafe. Works anywhere and
doesn't leave residue. 



Don't have a good place for your keys, wallet and phone? Check out the spibelt
waist belt and have easy access to everything on the go! 


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