Superfeet Premium Insoles

We are proud to offer Superfeet Insoles. We believe that Superfeet Insoles are the best way to support & align our feet. Support the foot – align the body.
Not everyone has the same feet nor do they wear the same shoes. Therefore, Superfeet make different insoles to fit different feet & footwear.  After over 40 years & 35 patents later, Superfeet developed insoles to benefit all walks of life.  
Fleet Feet offers the Easy to fit insoles that are ¾” to fit most dress shoes.  We also carry the Green, Blue, Orange & Berry insoles. These are typically used in running shoes, tennis shoes, boots & other shoes that have more volume and a removable insole. The insoles have Agion antimicrobial top cover treatment to reduce the chance of bacteria and it helps to prevent foot odor.  
Click below to find out how Superfeet can help you with back and leg ailments   It can also make your run or walk more efficient and less tiresome. See how -
Come by any three of our locations to find out which insole will be the best choice for you and your needs.

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