Recovery Zone With Dr. Joel Eaby

Saturday, June 10
Fleet Feet Johns Creek



Consistent recovery is often one of the most neglected parts of an athlete's training. Dr. Joel Eaby from North Point Physical Therapy is bringing his recovery lounge to Fleet Feet on Saturday, June 10th from 12-3 p.m. Come try the same tools professional athletes use to help them recover quickly and get back to training and competing. 

Air Compression Boots
The intermittent compression of the boots mimics the natural pumping action of the body. The increased venous return accelerates the body’s reabsorption of waste products that cause soreness and fatigue in the muscle. What used to take 2 days of rest can be achieved in as little as 30 minutes.

Marc Pro Active Recovery System
The is not just another e-stim device! This system applies mechanical stress to facilitate repair and remodeling of the muscle. It activates large skeletal muscles to get all the physiological processes going: increasing blood flow and lymphatic drainage. Over 100 Professional and Amateur teams use Marc Pro for Active Recovery.

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