A Season For Friends and Family

The holiday season is full of cooking, shopping, traveling and hopefully some running. In other words, it's busy. So, we appreciate the extra time you spend with us at Fleet Feet. To say thanks, we have some special gifts for you when you spend $200 or more in-store from Nov. 23 - 26. Because when you support your local Fleet Feet, you become part of our community—our friends and family.

 Spend $200 and receive a $25 Gift Card, Coffee Mug, or a pair of Fleet Feet Goodr Sunglasses!

Other Specials:
1.  Buy 3 Get 1 Free socks
2.  Garmin Fenix $150 off
3.  Aftershokz:  Trekz Air $30 off and Trekz Titanium $20 off
4.  Superfeet 20% off
5.  Brooks Bras 60% off (in stock only)

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